ContAd™ - Simple content marketing campaigns
Reach 4.6 billion active users on the internet, with your product or service offers
using content marketing in search engines, social media, Apps, Maps, etc
ContAd™ is a content marketing brand of Nextel Systems, focused on creating original marketing materials like write up, message, banner ads, photos, graphics,
Video Ads or 3D Animations, and distribution of such content via Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Ads, Google my Business, Maps, YouTube Ads,
with keen monitoring & analytics tracking.
Reach 4.6 billion active users Learn More
ContAd™ - copywriting, photography,graphics design, video content, 3D Animation for content marketing Creating value content Connect with active Internet & mobile users, and draw them to your products,
services and organisation with content, organic search & national SEO
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ContAd™- we ensure customers find you online, before they find anyone else Enable customers to find you The customers you're looking for, are already looking for you -
in search engines, social media, hashtags, location maps,
directories, news, YouTube and so on. Our work is to make sure
they find you online, before they find someone else
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Content Creation

Content Design & Production by ContAd™

Creating content

We create attractive, valuable content & messages to engage your niche audience, and optimise your website, profiles, landing pages, maps & social media to connect with your sales process. Content is a long-term asset for your business used in both inbound & outbound marketing campaigns. We create the following types of content, in preparation of your campaign

Content Distribution

ContAd® - Content Marketing Channels Ads

Distributing content

We distribute your valuable content (created in step 1) organically through multiple channels across internet, generating traffic to your website & landing pages, to achieve your marketing goals

Content Advertising

Reach 4.6 billion active users on the internet with our Content Marketing strategies

Paid online Ads

We create, optimise & deliver highly targeted paid content Ads through Search Engine Ads, Social Media Ads, YouTube Ads, Mobile (In-App Ads) to increase your product/service sales, website/shop visits & phone calls

  • Google Ads (Paid Search, Ad Network)
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • YouTube Ads (Video Ads)
  • Linkedin Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Pinterest Advertising
  • Snapchat Advertising
  • In-App Ads (Mobile Ads)
  • Email Advertising

About ContAd™ - Content marketing simplified

ContAd™ is a marketing brand & team of Nextel Systems® Ltd, an already successful I.T firm in delivering Cloud Services), focussed on content creation, marketing & advertising. ContAd™’s reason for existing is to take clients to markets they cant reach, using new technologies, methods and processes, leveraging on the experienced of the team at Nextel Systems® Ltd

Our Approach

There are about 4.7 billion active internet users globally, and about 19 million  active users in Uganda, as of Feb 2020, on various devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles, etc. and using various services like search, visiting websites, using e-mail, have social media accounts, use mobile apps, locate places with maps, streaming video, etc. These services present avenues for businesses to reach them with value content to provide what users are looking for. Our content marketing strategy is designed put you in front of global, regional, national or local clients and audiences in well created internet campaigns

Marketing campaigns on different platforms

Ads in form of Text Ads & Image/Banner  Ads, appear alongside search engine results pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing when users enter certain keywords looking for certain products or services.

Get noticed with a high-quality video Ad between every YouTube video when potential customers watch or search for videos. These can be YouTube Bumper Ads, Outstream Video Ads, Masthead Ads

Reach huge demographic social media users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and get clickthrough on promoted social posts, image banners or video ads at lower cost of acquisition

YouTube video campaign allows you to show video ads on your YouTube channel or within other streaming video content on YouTube. Ads that are within other streaming video content normally runs for short time.

An E-mail Marketing campaign involves an email blast to thousands on targeted list, optimized for highest open & click-through rates. Ads are sent to a targeted list of recipients whose email addresses are in the email list. The ads can be designed with text, Image/Banner and rich media

Reach mobile user target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices, via in-app ads, websites, email, SMS and MMS & social media

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