ContAd™ – content marketing simplified

ContAd™ is a marketing brand, created by Nextel Systems® Ltd (an already larger I.T firm, successful in Cloud Services), to focus on content creation, marketing, advertising and online campaigns. Our objective is to enable our clients take on markets they wouldn’t reach, using well tested technologies, methods and approaches we are already too familiar with.

Marketing Approach

There are about 4.7 billion active internet users globally, and about 19 million  active users in Uganda, as of Feb 2020, using various devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones,  and active on services like search engines, social media, news, corporate websites,  e-mail, mobile apps, on maps, on video, etc.

These devices, and the services they connect to, present huge avenues for businesses to reach, using high-value, optimised content to provide the answers the users are looking for. This is what is called content marketing. Our strategy involves content creation, distribution, marketing and advertising, informed by current statistics about active user behavior. We put you in front of a global, regional, national or local audience with well crafted content marketing packages & campaigns

ContAd™ - Simple Campaigns