ContAd™, a content marketing brand by Nextel Systems® Ltd

The word “contad” is a combination of “Content and Advertising”, shortened to form ContAd

The word “contad” was coined from two words “Content + Advertising”, and then shortening them to form ContAd™.

It was coined by the team at Nextel Systems, because of frequent involvement with content, and then seeing the power it has over modern advertising. ContAd™ is therefore an independent brand within the company Nextel Systems® Ltd, that rolled out Content Marketing

Our unique position in this line of business, is the vast amount of expertise, which our collective teams bring to the table.

We were already relying on content marketing from the beginning 10 years ago, before Content Marketing was an industry of its own, as we did not have a sign post, no radio announcements, no TV Ads, no newspaper Ads, or Billboard on the streets, and yet still, acquired the business of of 90% of Uganda’s Top 100 companies, and kept them.

It was the weapon of choice for us as a start-up with small marketing budgets and high sales expectations. Content Marketing built Nextel Systems Ltd, it is therefore basic logic, that we should honor it, its full independent team, in order to organise all the concepts  and deliver even more obtrusive campaigns

ContAd™ stands for Content Advertising. It is a service line of Nextel Systems® Ltd, focused on online marketing through original content research, design, distribution and analytics. Create extra ordinary connections with your clients, by rebuilding your marketing  Search Engines, Social Media, YouTube, Maps. We create original content for distribution across online marketing channels. By developing your original, in-house pictures, videos and stories, we create captivating content that your clients are interested

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