A Facebook Advertising Campaign will enable you to sell your goods and services through Facebook,  the world’s biggest social network, and reach over 3 billion monthly active users, who log into the company’s core products (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger)

Integrate with Facebook Store

Set up and manage a Facebook Store right from your website dashboard. Go beyond social sharing and linking to social page, integrate social selling. Have your own Facebook Store straight from your website and access over 2 billion shoppers on the platform

Manage your Facebook Store from your Website dashboard

Facebook Store is a shop web page on your Facebook Page, where you can add, promote, and sell products, linked with Facebook advertising in just a few clicks — and it has native integration to use your website shop, ready for mobile, product tagging, pixels

Existing Site Integration

Facebook store can be integrated into your website reaching more customers for your products and enhancing your business goals.

ZERO transaction fees on Orders

Whenever a customer places an order on your website, they can expect to be charged on order amounts and nothing else, only adding delivery charge if application to your products & orders

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