Just like the Facebook campaigns, the Twitter ad campaigns help stretch awareness of a brand with its Products and services. With a tune of 321 million active users on twitter today, there is such a big audience to exercise brand awareness.

Pay for performance.

With the twitter campaigns, payment only occurs when you have reached the goal to your campaign. That is to say if one runs a campaign with a goal to reach an intended number of followers, that ad is only paid for once that particular number is reached exclusive of the organic impression.

Keyword target marketing.

This is one way to reach people with specific content interests on twitter. Through using specific keywords with hashtags, this way it is thus easy to establish a connection between your brand and the target market.

Engaged Audience Tweets.

You can advertise content to an audience that recently reacted to your tweet. This way, you get to reach specific audience that you intend to convey your message to!

Low cost per click.

Due to lack of advertisement competition on twitter, there are relatively low costs of paid ads. With keyword targeting integrated in your twitter ads. You are likely to spend just minimal with a rewarding target audience

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