Writing Business copy

Each content marketing campaign starts with copywriting, which is to write unique, relevant copy with keywords to effectively communicate your message to potential customers. So our first activity will be to plan, research, write and edit relevant copy for your marketing campaign, for use in both online materials and print materials

Relevant text (write up) will attract customers to your business, while providing the storyline for other marketing materials like photos, banners, audio or video content developed for the purpose of promoting your brand

Every business requires the most relevant written content, keywords that tell its unique story, in order to improving its SEO value and direct relevant traffic to your website

This is when we write meaningful words and sentences tailored to purpose for example website, SEO, blog article, press release, social networks, e-commerce, product or service description, for your audience such as customers

We take your defined topic and research relevant ideas about it, structure its presentation and flesh out each section. We then summarize it for different delivering media

We also write text for online Ads for your brand and direct traffic to your intended landing pages and sales funnels

  • Business copy
  • SEO Writing
  • Blogging / Blog Articles writing
  • News Article Writing
  • Press Release Writing
  • Product / Service Description
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