E-mail Marketing

Our Direct E-mail campaign is an email message blast to over 150,000/ local companies, with a message, Image Banner in the e-mail, and option to attach a additional document like company profile, e-books, catalogues, pictures,

Email Marketing is so far one of the quickest and most cost-effective form of content marketing, You can reach a diverse number of potential customers via emails by directly communicating with your customers, you can talk interactively to each other, get to know well their specific needs and get a reply e-mail to your preferred email address.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

  • A variety of different types of emails such as newsletters, transactional emails can be sent.
  • Increases your list of potential clients or prospects.
  • Keeps your brand on top and famous hence gaining competitive advantage
  •  A captive audience is guaranteed as majority of individuals attend to their emails online
  • Immense return on investments
  • Works compatibly with other digital marketing strategies


Approach to Email Marketing

Our approach to email marketing is based on the needs of our customers, we comprehend your business needs and act accordingly.  Regardless of what your are looking for, it could be  a consistent newsletter, an email blast to publicize new business, a drip campaign to keep your brand on top of everyone’s mind, to escalate conversions on people who abandon your ecommerce shopping cart, and anything else not mentioned here we can give you business related assistance.  We can input your data and avail that list for email marketing or we can help you develop a new and relevant list to market to.  People have needs or demands that your business is the solution to and we can help be the bridge to connect your business to a vast of customers.

Through our email marketing solutions, we ensure we do it the right way for you to get the maximum exposure without annoying your prospects and consumers.

In addition to using emails as a content marketing tool for your business, we also coordinate your email marketing services with any other digital marketing services you have with Social Search Engine Optimization.  Do you have any new event coming up in your business or organization that you need public awareness to?  We can utilize your website and have people organically find it through SEO, have search and display ads run to draw in people interested in that topic or within the industry, can run social campaigns to build excitement and increase attendance, craft a new video to explain the why and the how in an engaging manner and then have email notify your current clientele and cultivate the new prospects brought in by all the other channels.

Are you ready to bring your digital marketing to a higher level?  Get in touch with us to schedule with you a free consultation about how email marketing can help your business prosper.