Search Engine Optimization – Overview

Our primary content marketing distribution channel is Search – optimizing websites with commercial-grace SEO techniques and tools, to increase their organic visibility in search engine results, as well as through paid search ads and banner ads in the Ads networks

  • SEO Service for New Websites
  • Backlinks
  • Google Page Ranking Service
  • Alexa Rank Service

We make your small or medium sized companies compete with big and established local brands in your region, optimizing your website to attract more relevant customers from local searches. We rely on localizing content and links to provide the most relevant local results to the user. We achieve this by strategizing the composition of local contents for brilliant local SEO results. Google Search Algorithms know when a specific search is for local content or not.

We perform National SEO separates your business from the competitors on a larger scale. National S.E.O is not much different from local S.E.O. Rather than just any rankings in search engines, National S.E.O ranks businesses based on a global scale unlike local S.E.O that ranks based on the geographical term levels.

There’s a lot of companies on a national level using than that of local businesses, we extend your reach beyond borders of your country, exposing your business to foreign clientele that ends in high Return on Investment (ROI).

We employ these techniques to see that your rankings shoot to the global ranks.

-Advanced researching of Keywords, -Mapping & focus strategy, -Google Maps optimization, and -Review strategy

We carefully vet and optimize your web page through boosting its loading speed with relevant keywords in the title and Meta description including proper alt tags for images used.

We define each content sections separately on a single page as if they were on different webpages so as to maximize keyword mapping and keyword phrase extractions by the web search crawlers.

Video SEO is means optimizing your video to be indexed and ranked on the search engine results pages for relevant keyword searches. We do this by inputting transcripts (Video closed captions) so that one can watch your videos while undergoing 3 way understanding (Audio, Visual and text), putting engaging thumbnail images and descriptive yet useful titles and descriptions.

We also perform Optimization of webpages with Video contents which is key to your business growth. According to research, 17% of users spend less than 5 seconds on your website but they are likely to spend more minutes when watching a video online! Therefore interesting video content generates more traffic to your website hence engaging your audience.

With Google’s recent advancements in Image Recognition, image search results have since shot up in rankings. However, this does not just come in handy and well packaged. There’s a few techniques to employ on images so that they’re ranked up, these techniques are fully exercised on websites that we build here and have seen recommendable acknowledgements to it.

We also reduce the file size of your images as much as possible without sacrificing quality. Your images will remain as decorative and attractive as before but optimized for fast page loading, which is one factor for high SEO ranking..

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Search Engines

There are a number of Search Engines that include;

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Baidu
  • DuckDuckGo
  • WolframAlpha
  • Internet Archive