Nextel Systems® has created a content marketing service line with a brand name ContAd™, to operate and manage its Content Marketing services, products, analytics, market research and data-driven marketing portfolio, operating within Nextel Systems’ larger Cloud Services Division

ContAd™ is therefore a registered name and mark, by which our Content Marketing service portfolio will be managed within the Cloud Services Division

Why we created the ContAd™ brand

There are three broad reasons, and scenarios that compelled Nextel Systems® to create the content marketing brand, which effectively added an extra team with diverse skills, to focus on content creation

There is a need for companies, organisations or small businesses to go to market, after they create their website, or to expand their market size, yet without a real need to expand a sales army

To fully exploit the enormous expertise of Nextel Systems® teams in internet domains, website design & hosting, Optimising websites for Search (SEO), Mobile, Speed, Social Media marketing, Google Maps, YouTube, and the use of latest online technologies to reach & convert wide audiences, and data-driven market research

To enable local companies, organisations, small businesses, manufacturers & service providers with standardized products and services, to market to global markets & professionally reach offshore clients, converting international leads into clients & partners

Additionally, we see a lot potential in organizations’ original, undeveloped and unused content, which is golden material that can be used to tell the unique local business stories, people, products and processes, creating a distinguishing factor in markets saturated with boilerplate information

Nextel Systems® itself has benefitted from the above scenarios, the power of content and it form part of our next-level growth strategy. The cost of getting the brand out would be too great and the return on investment low, without tal9ng a content-driven, inbound marketing approach.

We believe that your organisation generates unique, original content on a daily basis, that has both entertaining and educative value. It is therefore our unique position to develop and use such content put you in the eyes of clients who are already interested, making your content the single most valuable asset your organisation has and needs to grow